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Amanda Goodman

Executive Director

Prior to joining FCC, Amanda spent 18 years as a TV news journalist. During her career, she has always been an outspoken advocate for children, fighting tirelessly to give them a voice.

As Executive Director of FCC, Amanda wants to make sure that every child has the safe, happy, healthy and loving childhood they deserve. She wants to make sure that our children feel empowered and they're not afraid to use their voice.

"We all want to change the world and make it a better place. But it has to start in our own communities. One child at a time…one family at a time."

Missy Denning

Program Director

Missy Denning has been with Family and Children's Council of BHC for more than 20 years. She oversees both the Parent Connection and Empowering Parents programs.

"Every parent wants to be a good parent, I firmly believe that. Sometimes people just need the extra tools and support to help them be successful.

I'm so proud of our FCC programs that invest in as well as benefit our parents here in Black Hawk County."

Glenda Husome

Sexual Abuse

Prevention Coordinator

Glenda Husome oversees both the Stewards of Children and Take Charge of Your Body programs at Family and Children's Council of BHC.

"Everything kids learn, they learn at home. And unfortunately, there are many children who live in unhealthy environments.

We help give kids a voice by teaching them the difference in  what's right and what's wrong.  We also give them a secure outlet to break their silence if necessary."

Ashley Meinhart

Family Services


Ashley Meinhart oversees the Partners for Parenting Families, Baby Safety Project and Car Seat Safety programs at Family and Children's Council of BHC.


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Our mission is to strengthen families and educate our community in the prevention of child abuse in Black Hawk County.

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